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The Quality Management System implemented in the organization, since 1995, represents the strategy of coordinating and controlling the products’ realization mechanism, in a systematic and transparent way, having as reference the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001:2015. The product resulting from application of the Quality Management System is the confidence in the growing capability of 24 Ianuarie to consistently provide conformity to requirements and to strive to exceed customer and other relevant interested parties expectations, by addressing risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives.

This system, which is being an instrument for advancement of Company recognition and for supporting the Company business to become more and more efficient and effective, is described in the Quality Manual and by the procedures and documented information required by the quality management system. The application of the quality management principles, which are the background of this policy and of the ISO 9001 requirements,  provides direct benefits, but it brings also a significant contribution to the risk and cost management processes performance.

The Quality Manual  represents a permanent reference document for maintaining the Quality Management System and the observance of the quality manual provisions is mandatory for all employees of the organization.

Due to its resource management, including infrastructure and qualified personnel and also by effectively applying the Quality Management System implemented since 1995, which now reaching an adequate degree of maturity , we have today the opportunity to export up to 90% of the company’s turnover. This performance is also sustained by one of our strengths, namely a flexible and undelayed responsiveness to changing market condition and demand as a direct benefit of the application of customer focus principle.


We promote a fair partnership with the interested parties, based on mutual confidence, in order to add value for all these persons or groups  that have an interest concerning the organization functioning or success. Aiming at this objective and inspirited by the leadership principle, as the representative of top management, I decidedly commit myself to the following:

  • Implementing and maintaining the quality management system and the continual improvement of its effectiveness;

  • Observing and satisfying the needs and expectations of interested parties, as well as compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements.

In pursuance of this commitment, it is instrumental to create a proper internal environment. Therefore, I ask the entire organization personnel for total commitment to quality (culture), which involves:

  • To comprehend the importance of meeting the customers requirements and to ensure the knowledge of and compliance with the applicable standards and laws, as well as to understand the consequences of not fulfilling these requirements;

  • To be aware of the relevance of the activities specific to each post and of the own way in which they take part to reach the set quality objectives, which are cascaded down from this policy and make its implementation to come true;

  • To perform the execution and self-inspection of their own work in a more and more effective and efficient way, with less failures and lower resources consumption;

  • To stringently observe the provisions of the quality management documentation;

  • To actively participate in seeking the innovating opportunities for continually improving the processes (work mode) whose owners they are and hereby the results of the processes (the performances).

Our Core Values

This performance is also sustained by one of our strengths, namely a flexible and undelayed responsiveness to changing market condition and demand as a direct benefit of the application of customer focus principle.

Having in view to ensure the more and more effective operation of the quality management system and in order to enhance the satisfaction of the customers, I assume to develop a resource management which permanently determine and ensure the resources that are essential for achieving the organization’s objectives. Resources include people, infrastructure, work environment, information, suppliers and partners, natural resources and financial resources.

By means of individual commitment and team spirit and by applying the approach Plan-Do-Check-Act to each process and at all levels, we must ensure the success of this policy as an instrument for continually and systematically improving the overall performance of the organization, towards a sustained success.

Quality Policy Statement

To achieve sustained success, in a complex, demanding, and ever-changing environment, the top management has adopted a quality management approach.

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