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 Founded in 1922 and situated in the northern part of Ploiesti city (near the North Railway Station of the city), S.C. 24 IANUARIE S.A. is a well-known and reputed company in the field of manufacturing of equipments for the power industry, metallurgic and ferrous metallurgy industry as well as for chemical and petrochemical industries (the former name was IUC-North Section).

Since 1997 we are a company which belongs to the group of UZINSIDER – Bucharest.

Due to its resource management, including infrastructure and qualified personnel and also by effectively applying the Quality Management System implemented since 1995, which now reaching an adequate degree of maturity , we have today the opportunity to export up to 90% of the company’s turnover. This performance is also sustained by one of our strengths, namely a flexible and undelayed responsiveness to changing market condition and demand as a direct benefit of the application of customer focus principle.

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The company works also for the Romanian market, but most of our products are built for the European market, having as final destination the countries worldwide.

This is realized through:

  • Analyzing and understanding the customers’ needs and expectations,

  • Ensuring that the organization objectives address the customers’ needs and expectations,

  • Communicating the customers’ needs and expectations throughout the organization,

  • Measuring the customers’ satisfaction and acting towards the results,

  • Systematic management of customer relationship,

  • Ensuring a balanced approach for satisfying customers’ and other interested parties’ requirements.

       The company works also for the Romanian market, but most of our products are built for the European market, having as final destination the countries worldwide.

          24 IANUARIE is honored to work with professional companies from Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain. The number of our clients is continually increasing, as our company’s aim is to enhance our customers’ and other interested parties’ satisfaction by providing the delivered products with excellent quality and performance, competitive prices and the desired delivery terms.
24 Ianuarie received several Romanian awards for its excellent job performed.

The strategy for a sustained success is established aiming at the maintenance of our achievements and the improvement of our performances, by developing the two directions already taken:

  • non-serial equipment for power industry and metallurgical industry;

  • serial parts for earth moving machines.

Recent Works

We continually seek  to anticipate, understand and excel in satisfying customers’ needs and expectations, throughout the relationship with our (potential) customers. After 90 years of uninterrupted activity in the field of steel structures, we are reaching now a strong expertise in manufacturing:


Our Clients

   We promote a fair partnership with the interested parties, based on mutual confidence, in order to add value for all these persons or groups  that have an interest concerning the organization functioning or success.